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Valet Display
The Touchscreen Digital Whiteboard
Monthly customers and attendants use the Touchscreen Digital Whiteboard to enter pickup times for cars. Gone are the days of manually writing requests on a whiteboard or chalkboard. Valet Display shows all pickups, by day, in chronological order and alerts the valet attendants at each pickup request time. Attendants can focus on cars rather than reviewing the board for pickup times. Utilizing technology enhances both the procedures within the garage and customer service.

How It Works


Customers or attendants enter

pickup requests directly into the

Valet Display board.


All requests are displayed

on the appropriate day,

in chronological order.


The Valet Display board

sends an alert before each

pickup request.


See seven days worth of requests

View a full week’s requests, so the manager and the attendants know exactly what the request activity for each day looks like.

Requests sent to the ElimiWait printer as alerts

An 8:00am pickup request will be sent to the ElimiWait printer at 7:45 or 7:30 (or whenever you choose), as a reminder so attendants do not have to monitor the board to see when the next pickup is.

Customer interaction

After a customer enters a pickup into the board, a coupon or survey question can be displayed to increase direct customer interaction.

Pickup times are displayed in chronological order

Attendants no longer have to scan the entire day’s column to make sure they haven’t missed a request. Requests are displayed in chronological order by requested pickup time.

Requests change color on the board

Once a request is sent to the printer, it changes color so attendants know which requests are current. Requests also flash when they are within the five-minute window of their pickup time.

Print AM pickup lists for overnight attendants

When the overnight attendant needs to setup the garage for the following morning, a report can be printed, showing in chronological order, the cars that need to be prepped for the morning.