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Valet Mate
Request Ahead Valet Service From Any Web-Enabled Device
Employees can request cars right from their desktop computer or any web-enabled device directly through the ElimiWait Parking Valet Mate Portal. Institutions like hotels and hospitals use Valet Mate to request cars for guests and patients. A hotel’s bellmen, concierge and front desk staff can send requests to the garage, and at hospitals, nurses can send requests directly from their stations to the valet when patients are discharged. Valet Mate replaces the need to call for a car and provides historical tracking of all requests entered.

How It Works


Car request info is entered through

the ElimiWait online portal via a

desktop PC or mobile device.


Valet or garage receives

requests via a Printer, PC or

Mobile Device.


Confirmation is received and

displayed on the user's screen

in the ElimiWait online portal.


Lots of info

When a pickup request is sent through the Valet Mate portal, users can include the ticket #, pickup time, room #, guest name and a request for the parking cost for the car.

Parking cost needed?

The hotel can request the parking cost from the valet so they know how much to charge the guest. The valet enters the cost into the ElimiWait printer so it displays on the Valet Mate screen.

Track each request by time entered

Track and review each request entry into the Portal via date and time to know exactly when a request was entered.

Car pickup request?

If the garage and hotel are not in the same building, then when a guest arrives at the hotel, the hotel staff can enter a Pickup Request to let the valet know to send an attendant to pickup the guest's car from the hotel.

Hospital screen

If the patient is discharged via hospital transport, there is an option on the Valet Mate screen to alert the valet where the transport is with the patient at the time the car request is made.

Track each request by username

Assign each individual user a specific username and password and have an audit trail of who entered each individual car request.