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Valet Request
Text Ahead Valet Service From Your Phone
When customers arrive at the valet, they receive a number to text their pickup request to. When they want their car, they can text their pickup time and monthly or ticket number to the valet to let them know when they are coming, allowing the valet to prepare for the customer’s arrival. The attendant gets alerted before the customer arrives and the customer does not have to wait as long for their car. Everyone benefits.

How It Works


Customer texts pickup request 

from their phone.


Valet or garage receives requests 

via a Printer, PC or Mobile Device.


Customer receives automatic 

confirmation text on their phone.

Highlights you normally do

It’s so simple. Customers just send a text. No different than any other text they send everyday. That’s it. Done.

Never miss a request

The ElimiWait printer solution rings when a request is texted. And it doesn’t stop until the valet attendant acknowledges it.

Wired or cellular

Both wired and cellular printer solutions are offered as part of our text ahead system. Your choice. Whichever is needed for each specific location.

Confirmation reply texts

Each customer request receives a confirmation reply text so customers always know their request was received.

One button to press

When the printer rings at the valet, all the attendant has to do is press one button to see the request. The system could not be easier for the valet staff to use.

Simple to install. Simple to train.

Five minutes to install. Five minutes to train your staff. The system is up in running in no time, so your staff can focus on parking cars.